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sj_childfree's Journal

Childfree... Without the Bigotry
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Welcome to sj_childfree, a childfree safe space.

We exist to offer childfree people a place to converse without bigotry and child- and parent-hating. Before commenting or posting, please read the rules below.

Moderators: dodger_greywing, teahound

We allow not just those who identify as childfree, but parents and people who plan to be parents. However, people who cannot respect our choice not to have children, and choose instead to criticize us, will be banned.

Rules - Read Before Posting/Commenting!

  1. Any posts violating LJ's terms of service will be deleted.

  2. Bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated. Slurs, threats, and offensive jokes will result in an immediate ban.

  3. Always warn for triggers and NSFW material.

  4. This community is not for complaining about parents and children simply because they are parents and children. Rants come with the territory, but if you just want to complain about a child at the local mall, take it elsewhere. We aren't child-haters here.

  5. Any reference to forced sterilization or eugenics will be warned for. A second offense will result in a ban.

  6. Do Not delete posts or comments. This will result in an immediate ban.

  7. Debate posts are more than welcome, as long as they remain civil.

  8. Avoid using any extravagant formatting in your posts, and use an LJ-Cut for anything long or any posts containing pictures or embedded videos.

  9. If you find a cf-friendly doctor, please post about them!

  10. Troll posts will be met with cute animal pictures and recipes, as per LJ etiquette.

  11. Moderators can't catch everything, so if someone breaks the rules or has done something questionable that is otherwise not outlined in the rules, contact one of the mods directly.

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